Herd Testing Results Archive

Herd testing is a vital priority here within our Nubian herd. CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus), CL (Caseous Lymphadenitis), and Johne's disease are all tested for within our herd on a regular annual basis through WADDL (Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory). WADDL is a nationally recognized, AAVLD accredited, full-service, veterinary testing laboratory. Results are provided following the shipment of blood samples from each of our Nubians to the lab, where each sample is tested. We provide comprehensive herd testing records for each goat and kid sold here at Todaro Farm.

For more information on CAE, please check out this link: https://goats.extension.org/caprine-arthritis-encephalitis-virus-cae/

For more information on CL, please check out this link: https://www.merckvetmanual.com/circulatory-system/lymphadenitis-and-lymphangitis/caseous-lymphadenitis-of-sheep-and-goats

For more information on Johne's, please check out this link: https://johnes.org/goats/faqs/

Find Todaro Farm herd testing results below.

Herd Test Results: 2022 Annual

Herd Test Results: 2020 Annual