Meet Our Bucks

*B Tamris Farm SAP's AH Chromite N1989387

Purebred Nubian DOB: 5/26/2018 FS86 (VVE ) @ 01-01 *DNA* On File *Collection In BioGenetics*

SIRE: GCH+*B Lakeshore American Hero N1868481

SS: B* Lakeshore Captain America N001777204

SD: SGCH Lakeshore DP Hot As Elle 2*M EX92 (EEEE) @ 05-02 N001638257

DAM: SGCH Tamris Farm Sapphire 10*M ***ELITE*** EX91 (EEEE) @ 05-04

DS: ++*B SG Kastdemur's Hasta La Vista FS87 (VAE ) @ 04-02 N001373327

DD: Wingwood Farm Tim's Toya 9*M FS86 (+VEV) @ 03-07 N001442301

We are beyond thrilled to welcome Chromite from Tamris Farm Nubians in California. Chromite is from a proven breeding pair, which includes Chromite's full sister, TAMRIS FARM SAP'S AH AZURITE 11*M, who was the 2019 ADGA National Junior Champion. As a 2F, she has earned two legs towards her championship she is milking over 12lbs, and her dam (twice elite) milked at 17.8 previously in later lactations. We are expecting great things from Chromite and look forward to having his daughters here on test at Todaro Farm.

B* Hoanbu RI Summer Zephyr N1963260

Purebred Nubian DOB: 5/01/2018 *DNA* On File

SIRE: *B Lakeshore Real Indian Summer N1504849

SS: ++*B SG Wingwood Farm Real Tactician FS90 @ 2-06 N1412681

SD: SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Summer Storm 5*M EX92 (EEEE) @ 04-03 N1255918

DAM: SGCH Hoanbu GS Zuri Zaylee 4*M EX91 (EEEE) @ 04-05 N1745219

DS: +*B Lakeshore Bellboy Goldstruck FS87 (VAE) @ 04-02 N1635308

DD: SG Hoanbu Status Sienna Zuri 3*M FS86 (AI) (+VEV) @ 03-07 N1592753

A late summer pickup of *B Hoanbu RI Summer Zephyr has been a welcome addition to the herd to expand our genetics. *B Hoanbu Summer Zephyr (Z) will bring dairy character and length of body to his progeny. Z is currently set to have several up-coming progeny on performance programming in 2022. Z is son of SGCH Hoanbu GS Zuri Zaylee 4*M, who was evaluated at EX91 as a 4 year old, paired with a strong conformation of B* Lakeshore Real Indian Summer. We are beyond excited to see the offspring this buck produces here at Todaro Farm.

Todaro Farm SC Fuhgeddaboudit N1963260

Purebred Nubian DOB:

SIRE: *B Tamris Farm SAP's AH Chromite



DAM: Schneiders Gemra Padme Amidala