Meet Our Senior Does

Purebred Nubian N1936013 DOB: 3/7/2018

SIRE: ++*B Wingwood Farm Lucky Tolkein

SS: ++*B SG Woest-Hoeve Royal Fortune FS88 (VEE) @ 02-04

SD: SGCH Wingwood Farm Tac Toledo 4*M FS92 (EEEE) @ 04-01

DAM: Blissberry L Eternity 7*M FS89

DS: ++*B GCH Kastdemur's MPR Liason

DD: SGCH Kastdemur's Vivacity 6*M FS92 (EEEE) @ 05-04

Purebred Nubian N2014586 DOB: 3/23/2019

2022 Summer Production Eval: 89th Percentile

SIRE: +*B SGCH DKGH Playboy's Rock It FS91 (EEE) @ 04-05

SS: ++*B SGCH J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy FS90 (EEV) @ 06-04

SD: SGCH DKGH Enferno's Rose FS91 (VEEE) @ 07-03

DAM: DKGH Effect Raelynn

DS: CH DKGH Ester's Typhoon Effect

DD: SGCH DKGH Royal Marc Let Her Reign FS91 (VEEE) @ 04-05

VG 89 2021, AR 2018

Purebred Nubian N1869719 DOB: 4/8/2017

SIRE: *B M's Sagebrush Z Dash of Class

SS: *B SAADA Bearly Revealed Zane FS87 (VVV) @ 02-02

SD: SGCH M's Sagebrush Milo Savannah 1*M FS90 (EEEV) @ 05-03

DAM: Whimsical Kids Eleanor Rigby

DS: M's Sagebrush 4B Milo Rock-It FS86 (VVE ) @ 03-03

DD: GCH Whimsical Kids Timeless Bottle 4*M

2 Legs

Purebred Nubian N2008837 DOB: 2/3/2019

SIRE: *B CH Pruittville's AP Shining Armor FS91 (EEE) @ 05-01

SS: +*B GCH Pruittville's Apollo FS91 (EEE) @ 07-01

SD: GCH Pruittville's Posie's Promise 2*M FS91 (VEEE) @ 05-09

DAM: Pruittville's Royal Dutchess FS87 (+VVV) @ 03-01

DS: ++*B SGCH Price-O-The-Field Royal Marcus FS93 (EEE)

DD: CH Pruittville's Java Chiller FS91 (EEEE) @ 04-07

1 Dry Leg Obtained

Purebred Nubian DOB: 4/1/2020

SIRE: *B Blissberry LT Amen Ra N1861791

SS: ++*B Wingwood Farm Lucky Tolkein N1688073

SD: SGCH Blissberry RH Vallelujah 7*M N1673528

DAM: Schneiders Fo Ru Sparkling Gem

DS: *B Blissberry FD Fortuitous Catch N1776509 (AI)

DD: Blissberry Rockin' Ruby 4*M N1776512

Padme ("Marguerite") is the initial foundation doe that led us to grow our purebred herd. A spitting image of her granddam Vallelujah, we are excited to see her freshen in the spring with Tamris Farm SAP's AH Chromite progeny. This powerhouse pairing will bring size and width to her kids as well as milk in the pail. This doe continues to be a barn favorite despite her mischievous personality.

VG86 2021, ST 2021

Purebred Nubian N2010282 DOB: 3/13/2019

SIRE: KECMR Beary B'Witching in Blue

SS: SAADA Bar Beary

SD: SGCH SAADA Baby Blue Merle 1*M FS91 (EEEE)

DAM: Whimsical Kids DC Dash Of Envy 1*M EX89

DS: *B M's Sagebrush Z Dash of Class

DD: Whimsical Kids Eleanor Rigby

Purebred Nubian DOB:

SIRE: +*B Pruitville's F/S Sugar Ray FS89 (VEV) @ 05-03

SS: +B Pruitville's L/M Triumph FS92 (EEE) @ 04-00

SD: SGCH Pruitville's N/A Sugar Baby 1*M FS90 (VEEV) @ 03-10

DAM: Lunamojo AA/ZZ Sun Tea Fizz FS86 (VV+V) @ 04-03

DS: Lunamojo Astus On Absinthe

DD: Lunamojo Midsummer Nites Dream 1*M FS91 (EEEE) @ 07-00

Purebred Nubian N1921474 DOB: 3/11/2018

SIRE: +*B GCH Kastdemur's Freestyle FS90 (EEE) @ 02-05

SS: ++*B SG Kastdemur's Le Exacta FS90 (EVE) @ 05-03

SD: GCH Kastdemur's Finesse 3*M FS90 (EVEE) @ 02-04

DAM: Lunamojo SR Where The Fizz Izz

DS: +*B Pruittville's F/S Sugar Ray FS89 (VEV) @ 05-03

DD: Lunamojo AA/ZZ Sun Tea Fizz FS86 (VV+V) @ 04-03

Purebred Nubian N2173119 DOB: 03/11/2021

SIRE: *B Hoanbu DG Renaissance N1861791

SS: *B Woest-Hoeve Defying Gravity EEV FS90

SD: SGCH Hoanbu LR Moonlit Reflection 3*M EVEE FS91

DAM: GCH Skyview KW Pretty In Pink 6*M EEEV FS89

DS: *B Lakeshore AC Cool Water VEE FS90

DD: Skyview LR Sixteen Candles 5*M

Purebred Nubian PN2099019

DOB: 04/03/2020

SIRE: *B Blissberry TS Caribbean Dream N2013964

SS: *B Redwood Hills Top Shelf N1867524

SD: GCH Blissberry SM Jamaica 5*M FS 92 @ 09-03 N1512279

DAM: Blissberry Rockin' Ruby 4*M N1776512

DS: Blissberry Xfinity N1724227 (AI)

DD: SG Blissberry Rockin' the Party 3*M

The late 2021 summer addition of Jyn couldn't have been more welcomed as we moved into breeding season. Jyn is very correct and has a great shoulder assembly and topline. We are eager to see this doe mature into her size.

Purebred Nubian N2102431

DOB: 03/08/2020

SIRE: Quarter Mile Money Maker N1624550

SS: *B Blissberry MW Alimony N1512064

SD: CH Quarter Mile Mulieke's Maylin N1386553

DAM: Clarion Game Night 1*M N1937401

DS: *B Wingwood Farm Tim's Tarantino N1658251

DD: CH Pella's Triple C Hide N Seek N1632568

Raspberry Hill RR Farah

Purebred Nubian N2198079

DOB: 04/25/2021

SIRE: Autumn Glory RR Ruffian N2083870

SS: *B Lakeshore CK Rowdy Reputation N1951686

SD: CH Autumn Glory WHH Birgitta FS91@05-02 N1685697

DAM: The JBDCJ's Macy Mae FS89@07-04 N1566114

DS: *B Six-Point Buck N1556453

DD: Acorn-Acres Black Velveteen N1406376

Todaro Farm Princess Sarah

NOA Grade Nubian DOB: 02/14/2016

Sarah is our first Nubian doe and herd matriarch. Sarah is a NOA (Native On Appearance) Grade Nubian doe. This means that she is registered with ADGA as a percentage grade Nubian based on her breed characteristics. Her kids will be 50% grade Nubians.