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2023-2024 Breeding Plans

It's an honor to have your interest in our genetics! Below is a detailed description of our policies around kid reservations, animal sales, and our health guarantees.  The following plans are tentative based on our upcoming breeding schedule. All of our does and bucks will be supported through their pregnancy with the best possible food and natural supplementation. Please review our "Bucks" and "Senior Does" and "Junior Does" pages for photos of the proposed breeding pairs and their pedigrees. Planned pedigrees via ADGA Genetics are also available hyperlinked on breeding pair tab below.

Kid Reservation Policy: At time of birth, reservations and wait list individuals will be notified prior to public notification. Kids will only be sold on the bottle to previously experienced goat owners. All kids will come with a folder including their original signed ADGA Registration paper for transfer is applicable/received, AGS if applicable/received, health record and current feeding record from Todaro Farm, and dam/sire/herd CAE/CL/Johnes test results (also viewable on our Herd Health page). ADGA and AGS Registration fees are included in the purchase of all kids. All kids will be tattooed prior to leaving Todaro Farm. Please review all policies within this page. All reservations must be picked up by 8 weeks old, unless prior agreements were made. Any additional time past 8 weeks will accrue a $50 per week fee. At any point beyond two weeks past 8 weeks not previously agreed upon, the reservation will be cancelled, and the kid will be relisted for sale. We alsp offer wait lists on pairings without deposit, however priority is given to those making deposits - which secure the reservation. All bucks, mature or juvenile, are sold with the right to collection for 15 straws at the cost of collection. All wait lists are on a review basis, and preference is given to performance herds.  All purchasers are required to sign and complete Todaro Farm LLC Bill of Sale upon pickup or transport. 

Bill of Sale Policy: All purchasers must sign Todaro Farm LLC Bill of Sale upon pickup or transport. All animals are sold in good condition, with recent fecal sample and mastitis test (if applicable) completed within 48 hours of pickup or transport. All purchasers are permitted to inspect animal on pickup or transport, including but not limited to; all external physical features, teeth, tattoos, feet, etc. All kids are sold prior to breeding age or first freshening, and mature unbred does and bucks, and are sold as "unproven" due to inability to inspect reproductive soundness. Todaro Farm will take individual cases into account if once the animal matures if found to be not breeding sound by a licensed veterinarian. 

Refund Policy: There are several situations that would result in a refund/transfer of deposit, or paid-in-full amount. In the following scenarios, a reservation deposit of paid-in-full amount IS refundable/transferable if; a kid is retained by breeder for replacement stock, a kid/adult animal dies during the agreed upon hold period, a kid is not breed-conforming at 2 weeks old, a kid is not born, an animal is deemed sterile/infertile based on born biological reasons. Todaro Farm reserves the right to deny a sale to any party for any reason - if a sale is denied by Todaro Farm within the above mentioned reasons, a refund/transfer will be issues/offered. 

There are several situations that would NOT result in a refund/transfer of deposit, or paid-in-full amount. In the following scenarios, a reservation deposit of paid-in-full amount is NOT refundable/transferable if; a kid/animal dies in transport by a third-party source or by the buyer by air or ground (must be claimed by the buyer under the insurance of the transportation source), a kid/animal becomes sick/dies once leaving Todaro Farm LLC property, a kid/animal is not picked up by agreed upon date/is forfeited by buyer declining purchase, a kid/animal is sterile/infertile due to reasons outside of biological birth reason (i.e. injury, mineral deficiency), a kid/animal tests positive for CAE/CL/Johnes after leaving Todaro Farm LLC property, or based on the color of the kid/animal. These policies are to encourage the buyer to limit exposure in their own herd health.

Retainment Policy: At any point starting from breeding date forward, Todaro Farm may retain any doeling or buckling from any breeding, whether or not there is a reservation in place. If a doeling or buckling is retained for breeding stock from a reserved breeding pair, the deposit can be transferred to another kid reservation, live kid, semen from AI tank, mature animals available, or refunded. 

Please use the following chart to review all current buck/doe pairings. Please click the hyperlink of each highlighted buck to see the planned pedigree with the listed doe. Desktop version of this website, or via computer enhance readability of the table and the pedigrees. All breeding plans are listed as tentative until breeding is completed. All pairings are subject to change prior. No pairing is guaranteed for does/bucks, and all deposits follow above stated guidelines for transfer or refund if kid is not born. SOME MILK STARS BELOW ARE PENDING, PLEASE REFERENCE INDIVIDUAL DOE AND BUCK PAGES FOR PENDING STATUS.

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