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This gift set includes our small-batch lotions and soaps, made 100% on the farm using the highest quality ingredients as well as our very own goat milk!

Todaro Farm Nubians is a small-herd Nubian goat farm held at the same location as our beloved antique business. We have a herd of 18 Nubian dairy goats that we breed, raise, and milk ourselves here on the farm. 

Check out all of our wonderful scents to create your ideal gift basket - both essential oils and fragrance oils - as well as our colloidal oatmeal Udderly Unscented lotion! Perfect for sensitive skin. *ALL GIFT SETS ON THIS LISTING INCLUDE;

Goat Milk Soap (1)

-Raspberry & Vanilla (Rose Clay)

Goat Milk Lotion (1)

-Scent of your Choice! See list

below for details

Sisal Organic Sustainable Brush (1)

Sisal Soap Scrub Bag (1)


• Udderly Unscented: You guessed it - fragrance and essential oil free! One of our top favorites - perfect for both face and body. This formulation has colloidal oatmeal to soothe sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis.

• Southern Magnolia: Our North Carolina roots shine through with this floral earthy scent that is truly one-of-a-kind. This scent is perfect for those who dislike "traditional" floral scent.


• Oatmeal, Milk & Honey: A delightfully sweet and savory oatmeal and honey scent with the creaminess of milk - this one always is a hit for those wanting a warmth to their skincare. A great unisex fragrance.


• Clementine & Bergamot: An earthy, lush orange scent that is well balanced - this is a 100% essential oil combination. This is a great scent for a burst of energy as it has the citrus punch!

• Tobacco & Bay Leaf: We've never met a man who didn't love this scent! It's truly a rich and rounded waft of heavenly wood, bay, and high-quality tobacco. It's a perfect unisex scent - a hit also for those ladies loving rich scent.


• Raspberry & Vanilla: This smells just like a sorbet on a hot summer day! Hints of vanilla amongst a big berry hug! Delicious without being too sweet - a treat for your skin!

Please view our ingredient list below for our lotions any irritants you may already have identified. Please review our Soap listing pages for any additional Soap ingredients.

Goat Milk: Yes - our goat milk is our FIRST ingredient! All of our goat milk is fresh within 24 hours when making our lotion, and is pasteurized to minimize bacteria prior to formulation. 

Organic Holistically-Sourced Shea Butter: A natural nourisher for the skin and helps boost moisture. 

Organic Holistically-Sourced Mango Butter: A buttery unscented butter that locks in moisture.

Organic Coconut Oil: Sustainably sourced and organic.

Emulsifying Wax: We use beeswax! This helps for the lotion to bind and emulsify with other ingredients. 

Sweet Almond Oil: Added as a skin-nourisher that we really love - adds a smooth creamy texture to the final lotion.

Essential Oils or Fragrance Oil (if applicable): All of our fragrance oils and essential oils are from Brambleberry, please refer further to their website for more details on these oils. 

Optiphen Plus: The preservative to end all toxic preservatives! Naturally-occurring and has NO scent! Skin-safe and face-safe. Our Goat Milk Lotion, like any liquid water or milk-based lotion product, requires a preservative. non-toxic by oral exposure, non-toxic by dermal exposure, non-irritating, and that it’s not a skin sensitizer - this was a HUGE selling point to us, as the vast majority of consumer products in the USA are not approved to be sold in Europe or Japan; ours would be!

All of our lotions, soaps and balms have been customer-tested, however everyone's skin is different! We advise testing your skin with our lotion (or any handmade goat milk lotion) in a small area prior to complete use.

Goat Milk Lotion & Soap Gift Set

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