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These small-batch 100% sustainably and locally sourced lip honey balms are a necessity in the fall and cold-winter months when chapped lips and cuticles are in full swing!


This balm is formulated using 100% small-farm raised honey from Paw Paw, MI - it adds a sweet honey scent while encorporating with the earthy tone of it's paired beeswax. Each balm is within a small heat-resistant container, allowing for year-round keep. Simply use your finger or a lip gloss spoulie  to apply to lips, cuticles, and beyond! 


All of our balms are sold in 0.5 oz containers - if you desire a larger volume, please email us or chat and we can accomidate! 0.5 oz. provides the perfect size for a pocket, handbag, or car cupholder!

Lip Honey Balm

  • Please view our ingredient list below for any irritants you may already have identified.

    Paw Paw, MI Local Triple-Filtered Beeswax and Honey: The best of the best in our book!

    Organic Coconut Oil: Sustainably sourced and organic.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil: For bar hardness, and, well, because we're Italian. 

    All of our balms have been customer-tested, however everyone's skin is different! We advice testing your skin with the balm in a small area prior to complete use.

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