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Todaro Farm Nubians is a small-herd Nubian goat farm held at the same location as our beloved antique business. We have a herd of 28 Nubian dairy goats that we breed, raise, and milk ourselves here on the farm. These small-batch soaps are handcrafted artisan soaps made 100% on the farm using the highest quality ingredients as well as our very own goat milk!


This bar is formulated UNSCENTED! This bar is natural, naked and nothing butt! Pun intended! 100% bare ingredients with no fragrance, essential oils, or natural colorants. Just GOAT MILK, OILS, BUTTERS, and LYE! Soaponified to perfection. 


Our bars are perfect for kitchen, bathroom, or shower use! Each is formulated using our goat milk as the main ingredient, and is extremely moisturizing and we can promise you'll never go back to the store-bought stuff!


All of our soap bars range between 4.5-5.2oz, as they are 100% handmade and vary in size and exact shape. All of our soap bars have been cured for approx. 4-6 weeks, with each bar having sodium lactate added to ensure hardness for a long-lasting bar.  

Udderly Unscented Goat Milk Soap

  • Please view our ingredient list below for any irritants you may already have identified.

    Goat Milk: Our goat milk is fresh within 24 hours when making our Goat Milk Soap. 

    Organic Holistically-Sourced Shea Butter: A natural nourisher for the skin and helps boost moisture. 

    Organic Coconut Oil: Sustainably sourced and organic.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil: For bar hardness, and, well, because we're Italian. 

    100% Sodium Hydroxide Lye: Active cleaning ingredient in our soap! 

    Sodium Lactate: Ensures long-lasting hardness of the bar. 

    All of our bars have been customer-tested, however everyone's skin is different! We advice testing your skin with the soap (or any goat milk soap) in a small area prior to complete use.

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